Zoluren is the eldest and most fully developed of the current four Elanthian provinces. I have divided its available drinking locations into these groups:
The city of Crossing, general market
Drinking spots within the city of Crossing that are readily accesible to all races, guilds, careers, or whatever.
Includes such places as: The Half Pint Inn, The Viper Pit, Gaethrend's Tavern, and Taelbert's Inn

Crossing's Restricted Areas
Areas within Crossing that have special requirements for entry.

The Northern Trading Route
The villages of Kaerna and Dirge and other areas along the NTR from the Crossing Northeast Gate to the remains of Sicle Grove

The town of Arthe Dale

The Clans of Zoluren
the area from the Crossing West Gate to Wolf, Tiger, and Knife Clans, and Stone Clan

The town of Leth Deriel and the Southern Trade Route to the gondola platform