The result of a few to many years of work, my guildsong collection is finally to a point of semi-completion. This collection is dedicated towards the goal of hightened inter-guild understanding and cooperation. We are all different, but perhaps it is time for those differeneces to draw us together rather than split us further asunder.

Each song in this compilation has as its purpose to illustrate not so much the guild it represents itself, but rather the spirit behind that guild. The essense of the guild, as it were. We all know that clerics worship, paladins protect, thieves steal, and so forth. These eleven songs attempt to concentrate more on answering the question of why, getting at just what is behind them, what drives them.

These songs will be presented in concert, at the Ampitheater in Crossing, Zoluren, at a time yet to be determined. I know we haven't had many concerts there in the past, but given the kind of crowds I hope will be there (what with all the guildmembers coming to support their guilds), it seems the most appropriate venue.

At the concert, one lucky novice or otherwise young member (circle 5 or lower) of each guild will recieve a prize package to help them establish themselves in their guild. Each prize package will include multiple gold worth of items useful to the guild, and maybe a few other enticements as well. Much of what will be given away has been donated by elder members of the guilds.

If no such novice is present at the concert, I'll give the package to a selected elder to distribute to their guild's youth at their discretion.

I will be happy to entertain thoughts as to potentially deserving novitiates. Please feel free to nominate any such person with this Nomination Form.

All decisions made by me in regard to these prizes will be final. My thanks to all of those who have voluntered donations to these prizes.

While I have the upmost respect for those that have fully taken up the life of the Commoner, I must regretfully announce that I have not composed a directly Commoner anthem, save the song for all commoners - those that are choosing guilds as well as those choosing not to. Nor, I am afraid, have I put together a commoner prize package. This is largely because I am not sure what would be most appropriate and useful in such, but also because it is my experience that most of the full commoners that I know of have well begun their lives and would not benefit significantly from one of these packages.