Dewsong de Rosa

Hrmm... How self-centered should I be, putting this up here? Well, I guess I've gathered enough hype about me to qualify for a few words... maybe...

Usually, I just refer folks to a short story I wrote once, The Story of a Bard. But that's really so much ancient history. I suppose I should have someone else write this... but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to hear all that ::grins::

I can say that I am a troubadour, and I hold myself to that, a devotee of love and music, and love of music, and the music of love, and... well, that last one's between me and my wife.

I guess what I'm best known for is my concert series, "A Night of Romance." It's funny, how many of those concerts I've done... and how many patrons they've seen. It all got started in the city of Shard, at the Golden Phoenix Inn, which was at the time the site of THE only dance floor in the Realms. The first couple of shows I put on myself, then I suddenly found my series co-opted by the Lorthew Mentor Society. To this day I've been puzzled as to whether or not I should be proud or indignant at that.

A couple more back on my own, and then the series came to a sudden halt. My wife was forced away shortly before one, and I found I did not have the heart to go back on the stage with joyous romance so soon. Then, years later, Daerlynn drug me back out of my semi-retirement. Since then my romance concerts have been a part of her Arthe Dale Concert Series.

And now, though I am sore troubled at the Elanthian world, and am deeply questioning my place in it, and if such a thing exists, you might still catch me playing sometime, a concet, a wedding, a party, any excuse for music.

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