Mckatelee Starryskye

I have to refer to my introduction of Kate's works at my "Old Bard's Night" concert here. It turned out to be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"My oldest and dearest friend in the Realms, who would have been the best man at my wedding, at other things not interfered, is the truly wonderous poet, Mckatelee Starryskye. For many years her voice filled bardic halls, and one of my greatest wishes in these lands is to hear it do so again. The closest I can come though is to honor her by performing two of her works..."

Little did I know then that Kate would later read the posted log of this concert on Mykk's Concert Archive and be moved enough by Shenney's and my comments and performance to come back. And with new songs too!

Shenney's bit of that Introduction:

The two songs sung that night were "The Goblin Song" and "If Only."

What other bards have to say about Mckatelee:

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