The Boobrie
by Firannion Matrevyn

Firannion clears her throat.

Firannion says, "And now for a lesson in the natural history of Elanthia."

Firannion produces a mysterious object resembling two shortened telescopes joined together, holds it up to her eyes and scans the audience.

Firannion says, "No, this is not a sacred talisman of the Moon Mage Guild, but a clever device called "binoculars" which is most useful in observing the avifauna of the Realms."

Firannion says, "I have been spending some time of late in the foul swamps to the west of Riverhaven, the home of a most unusual and inordinately cranky feathered creature known as the boobrie."

Firannion tucks the binoculars away in a pocket of her pack.

Firannion says, "If you have not yet had the misfortune to make this bird's acquaintance, here are a few facts you should know about its nasty habits."

Tapping a foot in rhythm, Firannion strums a playful tune on her maple lute.

Firannion dances about with her lute.

Firannion executes a reasonable facsimile of the boobrie's mating dance.

Firannion cackles!
Firannion paces back and forth.
Firannion ducks her head.
Firannion ducks her head.
Firannion ducks her head.
Firannion flails her arms about.
Firannion preens. Someone's pleased with herself!
Firannion cackles like a lunatic!
Firannion begins flapping her arms around wildly.

Firannion curtsies.