If Only
by Mckatelee Starryskye

This song is one of my personal favorites of Kate's works, and the memories I have of the times when we were having song circles before they were called song circles, just a few of us, or several, in the old Crossing guild, when she would sing this song, are some of my most cherished.

This is one of Mckatelee's greatest, but not quite so cheerful songs, in which she sung of perhaps the most important lesson anyone can learn.

As Mckatelee plinks her violin, a gentle lullaby drifts through the air with a sweet melodiousness.

Mckatelee tiredly sings in a tenor voice:

Mckatelee plays a weary sounding work song on her violin, the chords trudging along with a somber heaviness.

Mckatelee sadly sings in a tenor voice:

Mckatelee twists the melody into a popular ballad about lost love. The haunting notes hang in the air.

Mckatelee haggardly sings in a tenor voice:

Mckatelee plays a eerily familiar song before you realize it's a common drinking song, only in a minor key.

Mckatelee sings in a tenor voice:

You listen with appreciation as Mckatelee plays a slow ballad with a subtle, powerful style.
Mckatelee finishes playing on her violin.
Mckatelee bows.

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