The Muse?
by Trul Oldsong

While I had a log of the song preserved, I failed to catch the title. If anyone knows it, feel free to send me a note and I'll fix it up.

Trul performed this at one of the contests sponsored by the Troupe of the Four Winds, I can't remember what she placed with it though.

Trul stands before you motionless, her eyes closed, breathing slowly... deeply... From behind her, a slow ballad begins to emanate from Taeliesin's Lyre.

Trul 's eyes open as she begins to sing.

Trul smiles softly as she sings. Trul winks. Trul sways gently to the music as she sings. Trul smiles. Trul quivers. Trul grows still, her eyes falling closed as she tilts her head to one side, listening. A soft smile crosses her lips as Taeliesin starts to drum an ancient rhythm on the face of his painted lyre.

Trul 's feet begin to move in concert with the intoxicating patter as if commanded by the beat.

Trul's supple form begins to sway from side to side, flowing with the rhythm of the music as she begins to dance in slow, lazy circles.

Trul dances faster her bare feet interpreting the music as they tap an intricate pattern into the stage.

Trul smiles at you, pauses to change direction... her dress curling softly around her legs.

Trul throws her head back and laughs with glee as the tempo grows ever faster.

Trul arches her neck and closes her eyes, her countenance becoming passion defined as she lifts her arms over her head and dances with total abandon.

Trul flows with the thrumming as she spins faster and faster, her form becoming a blur as the intense patter of the drumming crescendos, thundering violently across the stage before abruptly coming to a halt.

Trul falls to her knees, hair spilling over her shoulders and across her face. The sound of a lyre being strummed gently rises quietly behind her.

Trul slowly raises her head.

Trul smiles longingly as the music stills. Her eyes slowly flutter shut as she sings a cappella as soft as a whisper... Trul stands back up.
Trul curtsies.