Barley Bulrush, Bardic Ballads, Arthe Dale

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and song scrolls. And since Barley doesn't actually stock any instruments, all there are are scrolls.

"Starless Eyes"
A song of Damaris by Mori saVere-Ashke. - 375K

"Swift Runs the Blood"
A song of the Elven-Human war. - 375K

"Winesong's Tale"
A song of love between all races. - 375K

A sad tale of Idon. - 1250 K

A song of discovery. - 375K
One of my favorite scroll songs. A must have.

"Song of the Gods"
A child's melody about the gods. - 750K
A great song for teaching young ones about the gods prior to gaining favors. Goes over the broad strokes in a clear manner, particuarly since the infamous Tamsine typo was squashed.

"Chant of the Dark Gods"
An ode to the dark gods. - 625K

"Song to Lost Children"
A sad song about Silverwater. - 625K

"Saesealm's Song"
A dedication to Eluned. - 500K

"Valor Song"
A rousing tune! - 375K

"Peri'el's Song"
Actually a chant about Peri'el. - 1875 K
An important tale for all young bardlings to learn. Historically, one of the big reasons why our guildmembers were and continue to be hunted by the Dragon Priests.

"Itharr's Song"
A very funny song by Joy Chanticleer! - 1000 K
One of the best comedies available on scrolls to date. Of course, the references within are quite a bit dated, but it's still good even to those not older than most of Elanthia's dirt.

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