Teshi's Instruments, Aesry Surlaenis

The Aesry music store is Teshi's Instruments, located on the southern outer circle. You can find it by traveling :
From the main city gates: Go S, S, Climb Steps, S, S, S, Climb Stairs, S, E, SE, Go Shop
The following instruments are available at Teshi's, all prices are in Lirums and are the initial offers made, all other things being equal.

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and customizations.

Stringed Instruments
Kithara (wf) Similar to a lyre, an excellent beginners instrument. - 1800 L
Rebec (wf) A small, pear-shaped fiddle. Difficult to learn. - 4000 L
Cistre (wf) Similar to a lute with a subtle echoing tone. - 3000 L
Faenellica (wf) Traditional Elven instrument resembling a mandolin. Difficult for beginners. - 6500 L

Percussion Instruments
Castanets (wf) Basic (one-handed) percussion instrument - 500 L
Naqqara (wf) A pair of kettle drums, played with the hand - 3000 L
Shaman's Drum (f) A shallow disk drum about the size of a bodhran. - 2000 L
Damaru Ritual drum made of two skulls lashed together. Now a curiousity, these were originally used by various barbaric cults. - 1600 L

Wind Instruments
Mirliton (wf) A good wind instrument. - 350 L
Hichiriki (wf) Elothean flute, traditionally made of bamboo - 1500 L
Clarin a non-reed wind instrument made of brass. - 5500 L
Syrinx (wf) multiple reed pipes, popular with Halflings - 450 L
Gemshorn (wf) Difficult to play, but worth the effort. - 5500 L

Woods available for customization
Additional prices range from: 250 (pick) to 16250 lirums (faenellica)
Alder Basswood Boxwood Black ironwood
Burlwood Cherry Cocobolo Copperleaf
Curly birch Ebony Fishtail oak Hickory
Lacewood Lemonwood Pearwood Silver maple

Finishes available for customization
Additional prices range from 100 to 19500 lirums
Crafted Parquet Inlaid Lacquered
Cutwork Oiled Painted Polished
Time-worn Varnished    

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