House of Bardic Blues, RiverHaven

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and scrolls.

Stringed Instruments
Lyre - A good instrument for beginning music makers. 3015L
Lute - More difficult than the Lyre, but a Bard's faithful standard. 5277L
Mandolin - The next step up in difficulty from the Lute. 10552L
Fiddle - Quite difficult to play, only masters of music will do well on this one.
Violin - The Fiddle's suave cousin, and another difficult instrument. 18090

Woods available for customization
Rosewood! 4875L Ebonwood 5625LCedar 10500L Cherry 7800L
Spruce 3000L Oak 975L Ash 1050L Walnut 3375L
Mahogany 6900L Maple 750L Pine 37L  

Song Scrolls
"Spring Serenade" - 3018L
By Saesealm Faoilean - 1 of 3 scrolls released directly to a number of bards in an event a year or so before the opening of the shop.
"Hodierna's Call" - 3316L
By Vogelin Wittelsbach - Another of the three.
"Heroes Walk With Us Still" - 3618L
By Aurilae Cui'Gweld - The last of the three.
"The Wheel Song" - 3919L
a traditional Prydaen song - Some Prydaen Pridemembers desire this sung whenever death is faced, in the cycle of life.
"The Manor of Dunshade" - 3919L
By Brealin Forecaster - Song of a RiverHaven manorhouse, long haunted by dark deeds.
"A Refugee's Journey" - 3919L
By Justynian Addelthorp
"Elanthia's Dark Moon" - 3919L
By Trul Oldsong and Taeliesin Delaweir, friends not seen for too long.
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