Directory of Elanthian Instruments

A catalog for Bards and amatures alike

Where can I find a set of spoons? What all kinds of lyre can I find? What exactly does a sitar look like anyway?

This directory is an attempt to answer all these questions and more, from descriptions of Elanthian instruments and pictures of their RealLife counterparts to catalogs of where instruments can be bought and what customizations are available.

Detailed accounts of the varied Elanthian instruments have been broken down into the three Elanthian instrument families (DragonRealms currently does not acknowledge any difference between woodwinds and brass, and given game mechanics, probably shouldn't)

Stringed Instruments (Lyres, Lutes, Violins, etc.)
Percussion Instruments (Clappers, Tambourines, Bodhrans, etc.)
Wind Instruments (Whistles, Flutes, Ocarnias, etc.)

For those wishing to leap directly into shopping, the Provicincal Shopping for instruments page is provided.

Of special interest to bards and other devoted musicians is the Signature Instrument page, where those really special instruments can be showcased.

Just for the Alduath's backyard of it, song scroll listings are also available.

We don't have a really firm grasp of instrument difficulties as of yet, but a tentative ranking is available in my advice section, along with an Enchante tree and related topics. Advice for Bards and other Performers

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This is a work in progress, many of the individual instrument pages have not yet been completed beyond shopping and customization information. When the play rewrite is done and we have a better idea of instrument difficulties and ranks, I plan to work that information in.
Also, I plan to put together a list of the festival and merchant instruments, right now there is just one referenced in this catalog. If you have any information or requests, I'd be grateful to hear about them at


This catalog has been the product of a few years of work. All of the organizing and coding and research was done by me, with the exception of the CGI search script, which I took straight from Tripod.

I did most of the legwork, but not all. I double checked my prices and custom options with Sorenne Naxela's The Shopping Catalog.

Schematics research (ie, most of the numbers and such) into RealLife instruments was largely done with Microsoft Musical Instruments and the Virgina Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary. All references to Elanthia and shopping areas and so forth are, of course, from DragonRealms, run by the Simutronics Corporation.

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