A brief list of percussion instruments currently in Elanthia, where they are sold, and the merchant's general starting price. This list is organized by instrument type, for specifics as to looks, history, and other choices that may be available, please refer to the individual instrument pages.

To make things a little easier, I've broken them down into Elanthian sub-families. Note, these are necessarily how they would be grouped in RealLife, but rather according to game mechanics issues, such as tools needed to play them.

The Clapper sub-family [one-handed, no tools]
Considered to be an essential instrument in any bard's collection as it was the only one-handed instrument for a number of years.
Sold by: True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments, central Crossing, Zoluren and Malik the True Bard's Instruments and Picks, southwestern Shard, Ilithi
Silver Spoons
Essential for the wandering bard, the utility of bones and weather resistance too. (Resistance, not immunity)
Sold by: Elepaio's Luthierre, second tier Ratha, Qi'Reshalia
A more modern option to bones.
Sold by: Teshi's Instruments, Aesry Surlaenis, Qi'Reshalia
Waiting for Classification (yes, even further behind here than the other families.. ::mutter::)


Crossing- 635 Kronars
Shard- 563 Dokoras


Ratha- 2000 Lirums (2 gold lir)


Crossing- 187 Kronars
Shard- 168 Dokoras
Ratha- 250 Lirums

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