Music shops are available in every province to varrying extents. As of 372 years since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer, The following shops are open for buisness:

Zoluren - Ilithi - Therengia - Qi'Reshalia
In the Zoluren Province,

True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments, central Crossing
The novice bard's first stop, offering essential customizable instruments of all types, customizable tools, and a small selection of song scrolls.
Prices very reasonable, particuarly for those just getting started. Ash, pine, and maple provide some variety for small additional prices.
He uses rosewood, so automatically his shop is one of the best, plus drinks are available in the back room.
Barley Bulrush's Bardic Ballads, in Arthe Dale
Mostly song scrolls, but customizable tools are also available.
No actual instruments.
Sinjian's Bardic Requisites, in Leth Deriel
Customizable instruments, tools, straps, and songbooks.
I was one of the designers of the songbooks, so be sure to buy a couple! They don't have the really nice covers the five of us made though, but our verbs are still pretty cool.
There are a number of other bardic accessories here, including clothes, but I'm only listing the instruments and songbooks

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In the Ilithi Province,

Malik the True Bard's Instruments and Picks, southwestern Shard
The closest shop to any of our guilds, it's only a block away from Liani's Haven.
Malik has a number of secrets, but that's all I'll say about them.
Watch out for thugs!

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In the Therengia Province,

House of Bardic Blues, central RiverHaven
After many, many long years of speculation and frustration, the Prydaen Tibvaov family finally saw to it that this shop was reopened.
A great many things are for sale here, most of them not getting listed here, such as tankards, clothes, and bardic spirit/soul/blood knot jewlery.
They also have Rosewood, which would make them a choice establishment, but they are located in RiverHaven, so that brings them down to average.
A wandering peddler, RiverHaven
He has two sets of inventory, one for under 20, one for over 20. Not sure what 20th circle folks see.
Dhralduum's Instruments, Muspar'i
Ishamik's Instruments, Muspar'i
Laniloti's Zurnas, Muspar'i
Latanaara's Musical Wonders, Muspar'i
Melodies of the Earth, Muspar'i
S'hhtrkith's Instruments, Muspar'i

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In the Qi'Reshalia Province,

Elepaio's Luthierre, Ratha (2nd Tier)
Currently the only known seller of Silver Spoons.
Teshi's Instruments, Aesry Surlaenis
Nakuge's Scriptorium, Aesry Surlaenis
Song Scrolls only. Nakuge is also a seller of prayer scrolls and books, including an early version of a songbook. Don't buy this songbook, go to Leth instead.
Deeper's Tavern, Mer;Kresh
Song Scrolls only. Five total, many by same author.

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