The Enclave of Hara'jaal has all of two places to get a drink.

At the Anli Delban Reste's Bar, you won't find a menu, but if you ask the barkeep right you can get:

Dark ale - 100 Lir
To put it in a sailor's vernacular, as befiting the place, it's a bit too much like making love in a canoe.

The other drinking establishment of the Enclave is the Driftwood Tavern, which bills itself as "The Baron's Best." (And no, they aren't talking about the guy in Theren Keep.)

You need to be careful about drinking here, it's really not a safe area.

1 - Barley Ale -- 100 Lir
Ale's really not supposed to be this thick, but there's plenty worse.
2 - Dark Rum -- 200 Lir
Just what a sailor needs on cold night.
3 - Stumpy's Black Grog -- 200 Lir
Dark as midnight and just as lively.
4 - Hot Spiced Rum Punch -- 350 Lir
Very smooth, a softer bite.
5 - Baron's Best White Rum -- 425 Lir
Mmm... Now that's a rum.

6 - Cheese Bread -- 100 Lir
7 - Sausage Roll -- 150 Lir
8 - Spicy Fish Sandwich -- 150 Lir

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