The Four Provinces of Elanthia
(There's a lot more land out there, but we haven't brought our "civilization" there yet.)
Zoluren, the first province of Elanthia, and center of the known world.
From the north side of the gondola chasam to the remains of Sicle Grove
Includes: Crossing, Arthe Dale, Wolf Clan, Knife Clan, Tiger Clan, Stone Clan, Dirge

The militant frontier province of Therengia
From the remains of Sicle Grove to Muspar'i
Includes: RiverHaven, Langenfirth, Theren, Muspar'i

The mountain province of Ilithi
From south of the gondola to the Dark Hand barrier
Includes: Shard, Fayrin's Rest, Steel Claw Clan, Horse Clan

The island province of Qi'Reshalia
All of the islands and the boats to get there

Includes: Ratha, Aesry Surlaenis, Hara'Jaal, Mer'Kresh

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