Dewsong's Guide to Elanthia's Drinks


This area is under heavy construction, so watch your step as the management will not be held liable for anyone struck by falling keg or getting puked on by the construction crew working a little too hard on the supply room.

Once finished, you'll be able to find every readily available drink in the realms, cross-indexed by drink type, location, and price range. Drinks great and moderately tolerable mages create for varried events aren't what I consider readily available, so don't expect them, as much as I love a good glass of chilled scotch or a flagon of flaming rum haze.

That said, welcome, and pull up a mug!

A note on appearances - Individual bar, inn, tavern, etc. listings are grouped together by common area, but have not been bashed into uniformity. Some changes to menus have been made in the goal of expediency, and throughout you will find my notes on individual drinks, as a guide to your libations. These notes will be italicized for ease of viewing. I have also made some notes as to the quality of the various locales.

Drinks by type -- Drinks by province --- Drinks by price range

For those that like to hear second opinions, I have included ratings of the various establishments reviewd by Sela Sharpeye-Balfor in her book, Sela's Guide to Inns and Taverns of Elanthia.

I have made the full text of her book, with an added summary by myself, available here.

A note on Sela's Guide - I've provided her ratings to establishments she rated, but must note the differences between her ratings and my own. Sela was rating on the combination of rooms, food, and drinks, and seemed to concentration most on food (particuarly tarts!) and rooms. I, however, in puting together this guide am solely concerned with the drinks, although I do strive to always provide the food menus as well. This simple fact will explain many of our differences of opinion.