The Pig's Pannage, Tiger Clan

Arnack's bills itself as a place for "Good Eats" that particuarly welcomes Barbarians. The selections on the menu attest to this claim far more than the slogan at the top however. Arnack specialized in cooking all the local critters- musk hogs, cougars, mules, and yaks, then goes a bit further afield for rams and wolves.

While the names of his drinks are in the style of the Barbarian motif, a few of them are strong enough for young bardlings.

1 - Bobcat's Blood Rum - K400
I never thought of squeezing all the juices out of a bobcat before. Then I found a claw in my mug.
2 - Wind Hound Rye - K300
Good and strong, almost breathtaking.
3 - Skullcrusher Whiskey - K475
Finally! Someone who pours whiskey into a decent sized glass. And it's a fair whiskey too.
4 - Iron Slivovitz - K525
Some folks will want to make sure they have a safe place to land before drinking this one.
5 - Fermented Boar's Milk - K200
Didn't taste nearly as bad as I thought it would, but nothing special.

6 - Lupine Stew - K425
7 - Roasted Hog's Snout - K800
8 - Braised Yak Ribs - K850
9 - Ram Haggis - K725
10 - Cougar Sausages - K700
11 - Mule Spareribs - K900
12 - Yak Kabob - K800
13 - Harvasa Rice - K275
14 - Lavash Bread - K250

15 - Hot Apple Cider - K575
Warm, flavorfully spiced, and costs far too much coin for it's nature.
16 - Fermented Berry Mead - K625
Very refreshing, not overly sweet, low sediment.
17 - Murdokt (frozen rice gin) - K650
Freezing took all the strength from the gin, now it's more of a cold treat than anything else.
Sela's Guide gives the place 4 tarts for the Yak Kabobs and Skullcrusher Whiskey
Myself, I put it at 3 mugs. The whiskey is great, and priced fairly, but to many of the other drinks are overpriced. Atmospherically, there's a bit too much blood and assorted chunky bits for my tastes.

Forkbeard's Brodger is a simple tavern catering to the tastes of the dwarves of Stone Clan. They offer hearty fare at moderate prices, and don't go in for much in the way of fancifying anything. A no-nonsense homestyle place.

1 - Barley Soup - K350
2 - Curds - K375
3 - Bread and Cheese - K400
4 - Buttermilk - K275
If you like that kind of thing, I imagine it's just fine. Can't stand the stuff personaly.
5 - Horn of Ale - K450
Nothing fancy, just a good, refreshing ale.
6 - Potlach - K550
7 - Today's Special - K850
Sela's Guide gives the place 3 tarts for it's plain and steady atmosphere.
Myself, I put it at 1 and a half mugs. The ale is fair, but overpriced. And that's all there is.