Kortny Horselords

The best description for Kortny is the one he gave himself, a wonderful rouge.

Kortny was a bard with a great flair for both life and music, and his most reknown song, Life of the Dance, showcased this with the true verve of this fun-loving performer.

The scroll song "Dance of Life," was an earlier version of what would later grow into this Elanthian classic. One of my great honors was when Kortny heard I was to be performing at a series of weddings and personally gave me free permission to use his work. A while back, shortly before he left Elanthia, I was working on a version of of his song to be performed as a duet, him with the percussion version, and myself accompaning with a fiddle set. Unfortunately, while we had made plans to get together on it, it wasn't finished before his departure, and we never got the chance to perform it.

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