Hall of Bardic Remembrances
Devoted to the performances of some of Elanthia's Finest Bards

Listed in alphabetical order by Bard's first name.

Name of Bard Titles of Songs Active? URL
Achrennight Filanti - biography  Yes  
Ailill Dreaghnean -no bio availableDancer's Band No  
Briggania -no bio available  No  
Bubbinster -no bio available  No  
Cailei -no bio available  Yes  
Canu -no bio availableThe Song of the Dwarves No  
Celtan -no bio available  No  
Daerlynn Soulmyste-Falconsong - biography   Yes http://hometown.aol.com/daeriynn/index.html
Danner -no bio available  Sort of...  
Dewsong de Rosa - biography Roses the Color of the Night Thinking on it.Um, you're here.
Donalisa -no bio available  Yes  
Doveswings -no bio available (Anyone have a copy of the Elyhaar song she did?) No  
Dreamheart -no bio available  Yes  
Eileethan -no bio available  No  
Firannion Matrevyn -no bio available The Boobrie Song ? The Troupe of the Four Winds: Main Offices
Heston -no bio available  Yes  
Imbrielle -no bio availableThe Tale of Neithrel No  
Joy -no bio available  ?  
Khestryl Nesbitt - biography   Yes  
Khory -no bio available  ?  
Kithria - biography   Yes  
Klinara Tannagel de Rosa -no bio available  It's cruel to ask me that 
Korinda Dulch -no bio available Thank YouNo  
Kortny Horeslords - biography The Life of the DanceNo  
Larisah -no bio available  ?  
Lethargy -no bio available  ?  
Linnett -no bio available  Yes  
Lukka -no bio available  ?  
Mckatelee Starryskye - biography The Goblin Song
If Only
Manawydan Custennin - biography Roll the Die No  
Paerr Irontalon - biography Lullaby of the Gods of Light Starry Road  
Raziaar Dvinegus - biography The Winter We Grew Close ?  
Sammkit -no bio available  NoOf Things Bardic
Sardonica Neerheart - biography Library Garden Love ?  
Sircha Rankmere - biography   No  
Shavay -no bio available  Yes  
Shenney Morynna - biography  Yes  
Starlighte Sylvansong -no bio available Tor's Quest
(Anyone have a copy of the Unicorn Piece?)
Lost to us far too soon 
Taeliesin -no bio available  No  
Therrilliar Du-Onlor-no bio available  No Therrilliar's Home
Trul Oldsong -no bio available The Muse?Don't think so  
Useff -no bio available  Yes  
Valaje -no bio available  No  
Valeria -no bio available  ?  
Wyrdscope - biography The Silly Kobold Song Don't think so  
Ysselt Ja'Haadraan - biography Tears of the Shadow Yes www.livejournal.com/users/ysselt