Nakuge's Scriptorium, Aesry Surlaenis

"Defenders of the Lute" - 550 L
by Firannion Matrevyn, Many times we defended Nethriel's Lute beneath Crossing, many times we won. Alas, in all too short a time after this song was put to scroll, we failed.

"A Bardic Prayer" - 1000 L
by Firannion Matrevyn, Unfortunately, only to Faenella.

"Sorril's Flight" - 500 L
by Keriala Elyanada, the song is good, but due to game mechanics it would be the first scroll song I'd unlearn if I could. It is unfortunate that her work has been marred by this hapenstance that numerous potential solutions have been suggested for and not undertaken.

"The Cat and the Cleric" - 500 L
by Sher Sureshot

"The Moon Mage's Tale" - 350 L
by an unknown author

"The Dance of Life" - 300 L
by Kortny Horselord, This was an early draft of what would later become, "The Life of the Dance." I much prefer the later rendition, which he gave me permission to perform. A friend truly missed.

"Tamsine's Fire" - 350 L
by Kithria Dustdanser

"Eluned's Winds" - 900 L
by Nimuen Wavesinger

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