Elepaio's Luthierre, Ratha

The Ratha music store is Elepaio's Luthierre, located on the Second Tier. You can find it by traveling :

From the 1-2 LIFT (past Homes & Telescope) -- N, W, W, NW, W, NW, W, W, W, SW, W, NW, W, SW, NW, W, SW, N, NE, N, NE, N, NE, N, NW, go ARCH, N, go SHOP
From the 1-2 LIFT (past leather & Furrier) -- N, W, N, N, NE, N, N, NW, NW, W, W, W, W, W, SW, W, W, NW, N, W, W, NE, NW, NW, SW, S, go SHOP
From the 2-3 LIFT W -- S, SW, S, go SHOP
From the 2-3 Lift E -- S, SW, W, W, NW, SW, NW, W, S, W, SW, W, NW, W, NW, SW, S, go SHOP

The following instruments are available at Elepaio's, all prices are in Lirums and are the initial offers made, all other things being equal.

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and customizations.

Stringed Instruments
Lyre -- A simple yet elegant instrument. Good for beginners. -- 600
Cittern -- similar to a lute with a sparkling tone. -- 3 gold
Psaltery -- similar to a lyre, but more challenging to play. -- 4.5 gold
Sra'ajhh -- A difficult instrument, resembling a long-bodied violin with a long neck. Traditionally used in S'Kra Mur temple ceremonies, this instrument is more suited to masters. -- 8 gold

Percussion Instruments
Silver Spoons -- Easy to use percussion instrument even with one hand full! -- 200
Tambourine -- a good instrument for beginning percussionists -- 250
Doumbec -- an hourglass-shaped drum -- 2 gold
Temple Drum -- a resonant deep-toned drum -- 2.4 gold

Wind Instruments
Tin Whistle -- a simple weather-resistant instrument, good for beginners. -- 200
Flute -- A graceful instrument with a delicate tone. -- 3.5 gold
Ox Horn -- difficult to play, but a lovely resonant tone. -- 1.6 gold
Cornet -- a curved silver horn, hard for beginners, but well worth the effort to learn. -- 5.2 gold

Woods available for customization
Additional prices range from 750 to 15000 L
Alder Basswood Boxwood Black walnut
Burlwood Cherry Cocobolo Copperleaf
Curly birch Ebony Fishtail oak Hickory
Lacewood Lemonwood Pearwood Silver maple

Finishes available for customizations
Additional prices range from 1500 to 9000 L
Crafted Parquet Inlaid Lacquered
Cutwork Oiled Painted Polished
Time-worn   Varnished  

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