The principle differences, as far as I can tell, between a violin and a fiddle are style of play and enculturation.

Simply put, if you're in a posh concert hall playing a classical score, it's a violin. If you're playing a foot-stomping folk tune at a hoe-down, it's a fiddle.

Although Elanthia clearly divides fiddles and violins into seperate instruments, it still makes note of this being the primary division, as the prissy Chofupi Tibvaov refers to how the violin is the "suave cousin" of the fiddle.

To get right down to it, it doesn't really matter which you pick if you are going to learn to play one, unless you make it so. I have a violin instead of a fiddle, but only because my violin was a merchant instrument that looked cooler than the fiddle I had at the time. However, I'm perfectly willing to fiddle with it when the mood strikes. Oh, and I use a "fiddle bow" for my violin no matter which style of performance I'm playing.

Fiddles are currently available from True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments, central Crossing, Zoluren, and The House of Bardic Blues, central RiverHaven, Therengia.

The following customizations are available:

D'Or's Fine Instruments, Crossing, offers the following woods for customization:

Oak+250K Deobar+375K Rosewood+1875K
Lunat+2500K Ivory-inlaid+1875K Ebonwood+2500K
Black ironwood+12500K Ash+250K White ironwood+9375K
Maple+125K Pine+62K Silverwillow+6250K
Crude-125K Unfinished+37K Wyndewood+9375K

The House of Bardic Blues, RiverHaven, will customize with the following woods:
Rosewood 4875L Ebonwood 5625LCedar 10500L Cherry 7800L
Spruce 3000L Oak 975L Ash 1050L Walnut 3375L
Mahogany 6900L Maple 750L Pine 37L  

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