The True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments, Crossing

The Crossing Bard shop is The True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments, located right next to Asemeth Academy, fairly close to the Bard Guild. To reach it, you can go :
from the BANK -- NW, N, N, W, W, W, go shop
from the Bard Guild -- E, E, S, S, S, go shop

The following instruments are available in the Crossing shop, all prices are in Kronars and are the initial offers made, all other things being equal.

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and scrolls.

Stringed Instruments
Lute - The standard lute. A must for students of the Bardic arts. - 375K
Mandolin - A more difficult instrument, but worth the price. - 625K
Lyre - A simple yet elegant instrument. Good for beginners. - 187K
Fiddle - A difficult and devilish instrument. More suited to masters. - 937K

Percussion Instruments
Tambourine - The simplest of all the percussion instruments. - 187K
Bodhran - A fine drum that no Bard should be without! - 625K
Bones - A very portable and fine percussion instrument. - 187K

Wind Instruments
Flute - The most popular of the woodwinds. Essential to the True Bard. - 250K
Ocarina - A palm-sized instrument that is good for beginners. - 187K
Tin Whistle - A good wind instrument. Regretfully, not customizable. - 187K

Woods available for customization

Oak +250K Deobar +375K Rosewood! +1875K
Lunat +2500K Ivory-inlaid +1875K Ebonwood +2500K
Black ironwood +12500K Ash +250K White ironwood +9375K
Maple +125K Pine +62K Silverwillow +6250K
Crude -125K Unfinished +37K Wyndewood +9375K
Simple -32K    

Song Scrolls
"Nissa's Ride" - 375K
A song of the hero Nissa. Nissa was an empath that joined with Lanival against Teiro. This song tells of her reasons for this historical choice.
"Damaris' Kiss" - 625K
A song of the god Damaris. This is one of the most favored scroll songs available to date.
"Dark Angel" - 375K
A somber ode to Death. This was the first scroll song I memorized as a young bardling.
"Hamael's Song" - 500K
A tale of Human courage.
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