The mandolin is the lute's larger cousin. It has a deeper tone and darker timbre. Like the modern guitar, it has a straight neck rather than the lute's characteristic bend.

Mandolins are currently for sale from True Bard D'Or's Fine Instruments in central Crossing, Zoluren; Malik the True Bard's Instruments and Picks of southwestern Shard, Ilithi; and in The House of Bardic Blues in central RiverHaven, Therengia

The following customizations are available for lyres:

D'Or's Fine Instruments, Crossing, offers the following woods for customization:

Oak+250K Deobar+375K Rosewood+1875K
Lunat+2500K Ivory-inlaid+1875K Ebonwood+2500K
Black ironwood+12500K Ash+250K White ironwood+9375K
Maple+125K Pine+62K Silverwillow+6250K
Crude-125K Unfinished+37K Wyndewood+9375K

Malik's Instruments and Picks, Shard, offers the following woods for customization:
Additional prices range from 90 to 857 (except for unfinished -90)
Wren-engraved Mahogany SatinwoodCherrywood
Lemonwood Chestnut White ash Lapis-inlaid
GildedFlower-engraved Dragon-engraved Phoenix-painted
Night black Crude Unfinished Simple

The House of Bardic Blues, RiverHaven, will customize with the following woods:
Rosewood 4875L Ebonwood 5625LCedar 10500L Cherry 7800L
Spruce 3000L Oak 975L Ash 1050L Walnut 3375L
Mahogany 6900L Maple 750L Pine 37L  

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