Malik the True Bard's Instruments and Picks, Shard

The Shard music store is very close to the inn that conceals the Bard guild. To reach it, you can go :

from the BANK -- E, go bridge, SE, SW, SW, go shop
from the PALLY TOWER -- go bridge, NW, NW, NW, go shop

The following instruments are available in the Shard store, all prices are in Dokoras and are the initial offers made, all other things being equal.
Stringed Instruments
Lyre - A simple yet elegant instrument. Good for beginners. 270
Mandolin - A more difficult instrument, but worth the price. 631
Violin - A master's instrument. More suited to such. 902
Gittern - A difficult instrument. Not for the faint of heart. 1172

Percussion Instruments
Tambourine - The simplest of all the percussion instruments. 135
Bodhran - A fine drum that no Bard should be without! 451
Bones - A very portable and fine percussion instrument. 135

Wind Instruments
Ocarina - A palm-sized instrument that is good for beginners. 135
Fife - A simple instrument of metal. Regretfully, not customizable. 135
Recorder - A sweet and gentle instrument. 180

Woods Available for Customization
Additional prices range from 90 to 857 (except for unfinished -90)
Wren-engraved Mahogany SatinwoodCherrywood
Lemonwood Chestnut White ash Lapis-inlaid
GildedFlower-engraved Dragon-engraved Phoenix-painted
Night black Crude Unfinished Simple

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