Sinjian's Bardic Requisites, Leth Deriel, Zoluren

Sinjian's is located in southern Leth Deriel, in a large tree. To reach it, you can go :
from the Town Center -- S, S, S, S, S, go knot

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments and songbooks.

**Other Note -- Sinjian offers both style and wood customizations, so I'm leaving the notations for them -- * for styles and + for woods.

Wind Instruments
Flute - An all-purpose woodwind. * + 547 K
Keyed Flute - A slightly more elaborate flute, with keys made from fine silver. 2190 K +
Silver Fife - The simplest of fifes transformed into an instrument of elegance. 7300 K
Ocarina - Splendid oval ocarinas, made to order. * + 455 K
Turtle-Shaped Ocarina - Ocarinas carved to resemble the shape of a swimming turtle. + 4197 K
Recorder - A slim, mellow-sounding woodwind instrument. * + 365 K
Mirliton - An ingenious wind instrument brought back from the islands. * + 1490 K

Styles available for customization
Additional prices range from -36 to +37 K
Child-sized Oversized Odd-shaped Crudely-made
Chipped Warped Stained Hand-polished
Laquered Oiled Silver-banded Copper-banded

Woods available for customization
Additional prices range from 9 to 28 K
Flamewood Golden oak Silverwood Acanth
Rowan Black willow Black walnut White birch
Red cedar Sandalwood Eucalyptus Beech
Red maple White oak Laurel  
Elm Sycamore    

Wandering around the shop is an aging halfling woodcarver. If you [ask woodcarver about whistle], he replies, "Bring me a piece of wood or a stick, and I can carve it into a whistle for you for a small fee. My daughter's newly apprenticed to Sinjian, and I owe that old skinflint her tuition."

He will carve a random whistle of a bird design from whatever wood you give him for 500 K.

This is what happened when I gave him a stick:

>give wood
An aging Halfling woodcarver nods approvingly to the stick in your hand, but when he asks for his fee you realize that you don't have it. "It's five silver for me to make you a whistle," he informs you.

>give wood
The Halfling woodcarver accepts your stick, looking at it appraisingly as he turns it from side to side. Satisfied with it, he begins to hum the notes of "Peri'el's Song" as his agile fingers strip away the bark and carve a rough shape from the soft wood beneath. He shapes the wings and tail with deft curls of his knife, carefully hollowing out a section in the middle. After only a few minutes, he presents you with a rosewood chickadee whistle and collects his fee.
Roundtime: 44 seconds.

Leather Songbook -- A book for any true Bard to carry their notes and songs with them, always. 109500 K
Canvas Songbook -- A bit sturdier than the normal cloth songbook, this one is made for travel on high seas. 54750 K
Velvet Songbook -- For the formal occasions, we also have available songbooks covered with fine velvet. 54750 K

Colors available for songbook customizations
Additional prices range from 17 to 36 K
Deep scarlet Russet Wine red Burgundy
Plaid Multicolored Bronze-hued Dark amber
Earth brown Golden-hued Ivory white Rich ebony
Blue black Dove grey Silver-hued Pale lilac
Indigo Blue violet Royal blue Azure
Sea green Forest green    

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