Latanaara's Musical Wonders, Muspar'i

*Note -- I'm not posting tools, just instruments. Also, you will note some differences in the Muspar'i shops, as they are more akin to merchants than stores, from a mechanics standpoint. This is reflected in their references.

Percussion Instruments
a polished ebonwood tapani fitted with silver knotwork filligree - 2200 L
Look Description - The tapani is a double-sided drum formed of a circle of ebonwood that has been riveted with knotwork circles woven from silver wire. The hide stretched over each end is laced in place with lengths of stiffly braided red and black cord, the ends of the cord tucked away to carefully leave each knotwork disc unobscured.
a golden oak darje riveted with gold and silver wire knotwork - 8500 L
Look Description - The darje is fashioned from a membrane of leather stretched over a laminated golden oak ring that has been riveted with circular gold and silver wire knotwork. Along the edge of the darje pairs of silver disks are loosely attached, designed to clap together when the darje is struck.
a brass tabla chased with an overall knotwork pattern - 2800 L
Look Description - The tabla is an hourglass-shaped drum with a base somewhat smaller than the top, which has been covered with soft hide. Laces fashioned from tightly braided gold and ivory hued cords lash the hide tightly into place, securing it to the decorative chasing beneath.
a highly polished dark mahogany tapani - 2100 L
Look Description - The tapani is a double-sided drum formed of a circle of hardened, laminated mahogany stretched across with two pieces of hide. The hide is laced in place with lengths of stiffly braided black cord interwoven with glittery silver threads.

Wind Instruments
a lacquered red oboe with delicate brass fittings - 2500 L
Look Description - The oboe is a long woodwind bearing a set of double reeds near the top that may be blown through. Golden-hued brass filigree bands, fashioned from fine wire that has been woven into a pattern of intricate knotwork, have been placed at the base of the mouthpiece and below the series of finger holes along the oboe's front, near the end.
a mottled minjayrah stained with mahogany-hued autumnal leaves - 500 L
Look Description - The minjayrah is a simple wind instrument formed from a single reed.
a sanded bamboo shakuhachi stained varying hues of red and gold - 2000 L
Look Description - The shakuhachi is a mellow bamboo wind instrument with a mouthpiece hole near the top, located just below the notch in the bamboo segment that forms its end. The bamboo has been sanded down to a fine, smooth finish and dyed in an uneven pattern with red and gold hued stains in shapes reminiscent of autumnal leaves.
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